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Achieving a High Google Ranking – how important is it for businesses?

Many people think of Google as the digital-age Yellow Pages! We discuss here; how important is a high rank on Google for businesses online? Should businesses aim for page one ranking? We also share some tips on how a high ranking can be achieved.

Google now dominates 90% searches, which is pretty much a monopoly. It can be tempting to crave to be number one in Google search, but is it the place to be for your company? There are certainly many ways to improve your rank and is it possible to still cheat?

having number one place on Google is like having the biggest page one advert of the Yellow pages (when it was the directory bible). The first organic result on page 1 gets 38% of clicks for target searches, giving them the competitive edge. 75% of clicks go to the page one of search results – So let us help you go to page one.